Monday, October 31, 2011

Viking Boy

In the past, I've droned on about the Swedish heritage I've inherited through marriage, friends, and associates. It's a love/love relationship, really, even if it might not sound like it. I've also talked about my hate/hate relationship with Halloween. It's a holiday I've always avoided, but with a kiddo in the mix, you just can't be a Halloween scrooge, as much as you'd like to be.

Last year, I committed to making kids' costumes so that I would be prepared and enjoy the holiday. Sawyer as a mummy was a success last year...and a cheap one at that. This year, we upgraded to something actually sewn and preconceived.

My little half-Swede was a VIKING!

As the base layer, I used a white undershirt, brown shoes, and brown leggings. I bought a plastic viking helmet for $3 on Amazon which I figure will grace a dress-up box for years to come. At JoAnn Fabrics, I bought some faux fur for his tunic and boots (sewn onto the base layers), some canvas ribbon to "wrap up" the boots, some black suede for a belt, and some Nordic buttons to add to the belt.

Keeping the helmet on was obviously some pie-in-the-sky, rookie mom idea, but he kept it on for about ten seconds at a time, so we got a few pictures in his full-on gear.

He and his bunny friend "trunk-or-treated" and had a grand old time. He had to get used to the action first, so looks a little unsure of things/miserable.

After a round of bags, he warmed up to the idea.

Once he realized candy was involved, he was intrigued.

Worn out after an evening of pillaging!


Miss White Wall said...

He's adorable! The costume is very original, I love it!

amylouwho said...

Oh my word! he's adorable and I love love love the costume!

I'm a bit of a Halloween scrooge too. But then it all gets underway and it's pretty fun. I loved it as a kid. Not a fan of all that sugar and the work invovled with costumes as an adult. :)

Jessica said...

Love it Sar! You did such a great job on the costume and Sawy looks adorable!

Amy and Andrew said...

His "miserable" picture is hilarious.

Amy and Andrew said...

Andrew thinks he looks like an extra in a movie.

Erin said...

Adorable! I love the idea! Too funny!

bea from norway said...

hi sarah :) still following youre blog from across the pond. from a nordic perspective the viking-costume was a very cute way to adress halloween. we loved it :)
best of luck to you and the boys.

The Lindahl News said...

Sarah, you have outdone yourself with this costume...LOVE it! I also very much enjoyed the way you wrote up the whole thing.

See? Halloween isn't so bad once you have a little one in your life.