Friday, October 14, 2011

Just My Type

Knowing of my growing appreciation for all things font, my friend Alli told me about a new book that she thought I might like...and like I did! I ordered a copy post-haste.

It's titled Just My Type: A Book About Fonts and it was written by Simon Garfield, a British journalist. If you loved Eats, Shoots & Leaves or were a fan of the documentary Helvetica, you're in for a treat.

Here's a review from Amazon:

Simon Garfield’s Just My Type presents an entertaining history of fonts, from font "pirating" dating back nearly as far as Gutenberg to the creation of Comic Sans and Ikea’s font-change controversy. With a variety of recent, news-making examples and font samples throughout, Just My Type explains how and why certain fonts can elicit emotions or gut-instinct reactions. Garfield’s humor and historical anecdotes add to his deep understanding of how something as simple as font choice can speak volumes about our cultural climate--and why it’s so easy to agonize over what font to use on a party invitation. Whether you’re already a font aficionado or can’t tell the difference between Times New Roman and Arial, this entertaining history will give you a greater appreciation of the typefaces that surround you every day.
DROOL...order your copy today!


Rebecca said...

This books looks friggin' awesome! I can't wait to read this!

Amy and Andrew said...

I'm definitely judging this book by its cover.