Monday, September 19, 2011

Key Lime and Avocado

I like to pass on my fair share of recipes that are tried and true, but don't be fooled. We're usually shoving frozen pizza into our mouths or scrambling at the last minute after Sawyer goes to bed, trying to piece together a "meal," typically void of vegetables or anything green.

Last night it was taquitos. Frozen beef taquitos and tortilla chips. Super healthy.

But here's a gem I found to class things up a bit. I'm not usually a salsa girl, but I bought this on a whim and am about to go back to the store and throw down $50 to stock up on as many jars as I can get of this limited edition. Frontera Key Lime Avocado Salsa. ¡ME GUSTA!

Off to the grocery store to make a salsa investment!


Dana said...

Love your quilts. I'm a fan of contemporary patterns and I love the material you use. Do you sell quilts as well?

Sarah said...

Hey Dana...thanks so much! I'm available for commissions for quilts or would love to talk about any projects you might have. You can email me at sarahondrey(at) or use my website at

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