Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Snow!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we had our first real snow! As a double bonus, we were able to experience it with all of my siblings in town and with Sawyer's cousin Cal...who we found out is a snow-lover, just like his Minnesotan mama. 

The boys spent some quality time in the yard sledding down a "hill" that to them was heavenly bliss. For some reason, when Sawyer would make a snowball and throw it toward anyone he'd yell, "Happy Birthday, (insert name)!!!" and threw it up in the air. This kid cracks me up!
My sister-in-laws are quite the photographers...this next one is from the one and only Rebecca Ondrey and the black and white close-up is from Jessica (Cal's mom).

Over the weekend I also got the lucky joy of spending time with my dear sister Hauna who was in town for the holiday from Scotland where she's currently getting her PhD at St. Andrews. She's ever the stylish girl and I miss her already!


Amy and Andrew said...

Hi Hauna! You're beautiful!

Rachel said...

so cute to see Sawyer & Cal on the sled together! love the clarity of the photos.