Thursday, May 10, 2012

Johnson Made

One reason my blogging has been sparse (I know, that's a generous adjective) has been due to a job I got about two years ago. I started a new position at my organization as its Web Content Manager, and basically it means that I'm responsible for the text, timeliness, and content of their website. As a librarian, this has been a great match for me since I love organizing information. As a girl who grew up wanting to be an artist and as someone who's been into textile arts, the job has also exposed me to the art of web and graphic design.

My director/co-worker/friend Ben has been instrumental in mentoring me in my new-found interest and I can't thank him enough for his patience, willingness, and interest in showing me the ropes. He's an amazingly talented artist who is always curious about new techniques, knows solid design (but also when to "break the rules," and works his butt off.

Since starting my job and practicing this new "craft," I've also been doing freelance work on the side to bring home some extra bacon...Mama's got mouths to feed. I've also pursued my side-work to continuously learn more; "practice makes better" is what my mom always says, and I agree. I plan to share some of my work and the new things I'm learning here on the old blog too if you don't mind!

If you're interested in my work or need a website built, check out my portfolio and information here at Johnson Made...I'd love to hear from you!


samara said...

Love. Wow! Sarah, you are so talented and will be my GO TO for Christmas cards next fall/winter. I am impressed for sure!

Amy and Andrew said...

Bravo, mi amor.