Monday, May 21, 2012

Country Boy

I'm a country girl at heart.

I can admit that living in Chicago has it's perks, but my husband and I - we were made for the countryside. As we contemplate our eventual move to the more rural life we desire require, we're trying to make a point of visiting what nature we can as time allows...especially so our mini me can catch the bug himself.

This weekend we went out to Palos Heights Forest Preserve and had a grand old time. Each time we've visited, Sawyer has the time of his life on the hills, trails, and water.

Throwing rocks into the water gives him a thrill only a two-year-old could get from doing the same thing, repeatedly, for forty-five minutes. When he's having the time of his life, so am I.

My favorite boy and I were finally were able to take a picture together...sweet thing! He took a major face-plant in the parking lot before we got to the lake, so his forehead, nose, and upper lip are a little worse for the wear...but that'll happen when you're enjoying the great outdoors. Man I love this kid...stop growing up!!!


Jessica said...

Sawyer is such a big kid these days! Glad you guys made it out to Palos this weekend! We will have to join you next time :)

Rebecca said...

Such sweet photos and memories you have! Looks like Sawy Boy shares your love for wide, open spaces. Can't wait to see you guys in just a couple of weeks! We should go on a hike/walk with him :)

Amy and Andrew said...