Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sarah Bethany!!!

Guest post by Hauna...
Today, November 13th, we celebrate the auspicious day in which Sarah Bethany Ondrey entered this wide world, twenty-eight years ago. Everyone who knows Sarah knows she is a kind, patient, generous, easy-going, intelligent, and creative person. While this may be common knowledge, I feel particularly lucky to have Sarah as my big sister and be able to share a childhood, a history, and—for a little while longer—an apartment with her.

As this year marks Sarah’s last birthday as (exclusively) an Ondrey, you can see it is an extra-special day…So bring on the birthday wishes!

In honor of our dear Sarah I’ve included the following poem, recently excavated out of a neglected book. While it was written by yours truly for Sarah’s 24th birthday, I think we can agree that the words are timeless…I love you, Sarah!

H ow swiftly doth time sprint
A long the wax and wane of life’s seasons
P iteously tearing asunder the most
P iteously unsuspecting youth.
Y et:

B ehold the joys of life doth run ever as swiftly,
I ndeed swifter at times,
R endering the destruction of years empty and wanting.
T hough the eyes adopt creases and the nose lengthens,
H ow like the phoenix
D oth the vitality oft’ allotted to youth
A rise daily from cold ashes.
Y on maiden’s cheek doth glow, ‘tis true,

S till gloweth much thine own dear cheek
A nd confirmest the cherished words of the oracle:
R enew thy spirit in each morning’s merry making,
A nd time will be powerless in affecting his degradation.
H eed these words and live!!!


Sarah said...

Hauna, you are so funny and you are the best sister in the world! Thanks for the poem...how becoming. :)

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! (I don't think your nose is that long... yet :) I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Amy and Andrew said...

Hauna, you've outdone yourself yet again. Bravo!

Sarah, happy happy birthday, my one and only Hatsumomo. I love you!

Lukas McKnight said...

Great guest post Hauna. Happy Birthday Sarah, from us and all the orphans. We love you. Ans and Lukas

THE ISAZAS said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! So glad to help you celebrate today :)

Heidi said...

Woo hoo. Glad you were born!

melissa said...

Love it. Happy, happy to you! :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sarah! I love that picture of you two....absolutely fabulous!

The Lindahl News said...

Do you remember a conversation we had about what you wanted by the time you turned 26...now you have it, and so much more. Happy Birthday, dear Sarah.

(Thanks for posting this love note to your sister, Hauna!)