Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Membership for Savings

I'm not sure why it took me this long, but the other day Hauna and I purchased a joint household membership to Costco. I guess for some reason I felt like I had to wait till I was married or had kids to become a member, but that was ridiculous logic! Savings are not restricted to only those with spouses and children to feed and clean up after!

For a mere $50, we now have access to bargain weekends filled with huge savings, free samples, and deals galore! While cultural rites of passage are few and far between these days, with my Costco membership, I feel I have - in a sense - come of age. The doors have been flung wide open to a bright future filled with major savings.


melissa said...

you crack me up. just make sure you don't wear heals to costco - all that running around and scrambling for the best bargain may have you rubbing your blistered feet! and by heals i mean heels. ;)

Amy and Andrew Daigle said...

Good for you! Between your Costco membership and Andrew's Sam's membership, we should be raking in the savings (or at least gallon-size containers of tomato sauce)!

Kjersten & Michael said...

You know I LOVE the Costco! Your life will never be the same!