Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

For me, I get more done when I have a list to check off once accomplishments are made. In full disclosure, I'll admit that when I sit down to make a list for the day I write down some of what I've already done just for the thrill of crossing it off. Lists help me acknowledge what I've done and they help me not let the day or week go by without taking care of what needs to happen.

Despite the recent temperature readings, summer is upon us...and like any summer season I've experienced before, it will be gone before we know it! It was clear to me that we needed a summer bucket list to check off and mark our days before September is here and done. Here's what we've got for 2013!


Deb Lindahl said...

Love this! Have fun checking those great activities off your list more than one time!

Merely Human said...

I am the same way about list-making - not ashamed that i have added tasks after already accomplishing them so i can cross them off! :) Love this list, I was wanting to make a summer list as well, and all of that stuff would be on it:) happy summer to you guys!

Rachel said...

This is such a great list! We are looking forward to doing some of those things at MM Family Camp (the first week of July!)
floral & fudge

Sarah said...

Rachel, we'll probably see you there...it sounds like a bunch of people will be there! We live nearby so I'll stop up with the kiddos a few days I think!