Monday, November 19, 2012

Blossoming Romance

We're settling into our new abode which I can elaborate on later, but for now, I think what Sawyer is missing most was this little lady he had a blossoming romance with before we snatched him away. These star-crossed lovers were on a roll until we broke up the party...poor kids!

Sweet little Charlotte lived in the floor above us and Charlotte's mom and I had a good thing going. We could sip tea and chat while the kiddos played, blissfully unaware of our presence. When either of us had an errand to run or needed to get something done (i.e. moving) without our 2.5 year old around, we could ship them off to the other floor where a willing playmate was waiting with toys that probably seemed more interesting than the ones the guest was used to.

While we would encourage them to give each other an occasional hug or kiss goodbye, after a while I'd catch Sawyer steeling a kiss that was unprompted (and probably unsolicited).

Since we've moved, I hear Charlotte has been asking about her Romeo and when he'll be back to play. Sawyer has asked a few times to "go back home," and I'm confident a lot of his nostalgia has to do with missing his little friend from upstairs and all the fun they had recently had together. Sad!


Amy and Andrew said...

Awww poor things!

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