Friday, October 26, 2012


No excuses...I've just been a blogging slacker for the last FIVE months. Seriously, I'd be surprised if anyone is still reading this old rag.

Fall in Chicago has been glorious. Sunny days free of rain, temperatures in the high 60s, and beautiful orange and yellow leaves. I'm not one to think the city is all that beautiful, but our block is in full fall bloom.

We got the chance to go to a pumpkin patch last weekend with TK's parents out in Princeton, IL, and Sawyer had a blast. Haybales, slides, petting zoo, bounce house...what else could a city boy want?!

We have yet to carve the pumpkins we bought, but Halloween is ages away, right? CRAP, I've got to make a costume for Soy-boy and I've got four days. I better get sewing.


Kent & Joyce said...

WELCOME BACK! LOVE the pictures, loved the week-end and most of all LOVE our family! Grandpa & Grandma

Amy and Andrew said...

I'm not sure there is anything sweeter than a giggling child.

Mary Beth Marsh said...

Sarah! I've looked at your blog faithfully for the past five months and I was SO excited to see you are back! I love you!