Monday, December 12, 2011

Potted Christmas Tree

I don't have one, but I want one. Our Christmas tree this year is a bit of a wreck, so I'm not even going to bother posting about's uninspired, rather bare, and a bit ragged. Undoubtedly, any Christmas tree is a wonderful, soul-soothing site to behold, but this year's tree has got me to thinking about what kind of tree I really want. (All images from Martha

I'm not ready to give up the traditional tree for the holidays, but I've become enamored with the idea of a living, potted Christmas tree. I'm sure it's been all the rage, but I just didn't know about them until now.

Imagine a small tree or two spaced throughout your house, decorated with love, and smelling up the place with an evergreen, perfect scent of Christmas. Imagine with me after the season is over, planting your Christmas tree(s) in the old backyard instead of throwing it out with the wrapping paper and other holiday waste. It's kind of ludicrous to think that every year we discard such a symbol of the season with the rest of the trash.

What I need is a backyard though. For now, this city slicker will have to settle for a rosemary plant to scratch my living Christmas tree itch. Anyway, aren't they pretty?


Beatriz said...

I don´t think we need a Chinese Christmas tree just as well as I think we should leave the pine trees alone. They don´t need our help to resist but they´d be glad not to be cut down to commemorate the hollidays. For this reason I suppose we should sew pannels and things, hang paper stars from palm trees or any other kind of tree or bush, as a statement - let´s not hurt Nature, let´s not hurt ourselves.

Amy and Andrew said...

Yeah, Andrew and I have talked about doing it this year. We'll see.

Sarah said...

"We'll see" ?!?!? Christmas is in two weeks my dear...the goose is getting fat! :)

Dave B. said...

Good point, Sarah. That's like me saying, "I'm thinking of doing something for Santa Lucia this year, but I'm just not sure yet." Get on this, Amy!