Thursday, September 8, 2011

26.2 Marathon Challenge

My dad is a cool guy. He's a hard worker, a dedicated husband, a caring father, committed son, and an ethical employer. He rides a motorcycle and taught a karate class to kids at his church. He's a golfer, bowler, and all-around athlete.

He also runs marathons. The dude is 57 and he only started running a few years ago! In October, he's running one in New York and hoping to raise money for the summer camp that me and my siblings all went to growing up and that we worked at. He and another board member have thrown down a challenge to each other to see who can raise the most money for a capital campaign the camp is having to be able to maintain and improve its facilities. His challenger is in the lead and he needs your vote!

If you're looking for a worthy cause toward which you can make a donation, here's your chance! Please consider voting for my dad with your dollars and contributing to this amazing camp that has molded so many young people and changed so many lives, including my own!

Click here to learn about the 26.2 Marathon Challenge and make a donation today.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Jennifer said...

I don't have any money to donate (my "donations" are all the personal spending I do for my kids at school through books, supplies, and clothes), but I love this challenge and your dad is awesome!

Sali said...
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Jefferson said...

You are sweet Sarah. Thanks for the kind words and getting the word out about mission meadows to your blog-o-sphere friends.