Monday, August 8, 2011


When I imagined Sawy Boy as a toddler, I envisioned locks of hair, wildly flying with the wind and falling in a carefree, just-so manner. Picture Lord of the Flies.

Not the case. For better or worse, the poor kid has been cursed with the genes of his parents, both of which have boring, straight, lifeless hair. In my efforts to avoid a haircut to see if this is "just a stage," I fear I've allowed to grow what's turning out to be an unfortunate mullet.

Against my hopes, we had to break down and just cut it. I mourn the day because I thought we wouldn't cut his hair until it was longer, but you've got to know when you're beat. I even put a bobby-pin in it pre-haircut since it was getting in his way and he couldn't see I wanted to know what it felt like to put a barrette in your baby's hair.

TK refused to pay someone any money for something he believed he could do. And he was right... we put a video on the computer, and daddy got to work, snipping and pruning my little baby's precious locks.

Sweet little love! A big-boy haircut was the nail in the coffin that my boy is really growing up before my eyes. He's become so independent, capable, and lively over the last couple months, and now he's starting to look the part of a legitimate toddler.



Andie said...

Aw - that was a rough one. That's a pretty emotional milestone for every parent of little boys. You can really see his long eyelashes! Way to go mama - you survived that one. Next? Preschool. Bring the tissues.

Linnea said...

I had a hard time cutting Søren's hair as well the first time. Sam and I thought he would be destined to have curls like the both of us, nope stick straight white blonde hair. Now I have fun with different hair styles for him. The summer buzz cut has been my favorite so far.

Jessica said...

Sweet Sawy. Lookin' so grown up!! I love the haircut!

Amy and Andrew said...

Wow, he does look older (sorry to say). Nice job, Daddy!

Hauna said...

Presh!!! I love you, Sawy, and your new do!

Amy and Andrew said...

I don't understand... All he needed is one of daddy's visor-beanies to keep his hair out of his face. Can't wait to see y'all.

Sali said...

love him!

Jed and Anne said...


Your blog was well-put. I have been debating about Ellie's hair lately as well and can't quite bring myself to get it cut.

Well done, brave mom!