Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lounge, With a Capital "L"

My boys and I spent the first week of June in Jamestown, New York where my parents live. We were blessed to have my sister, brothers, and sister-in-laws all there and we spent every moment enjoying each other's company.

Photo credits: Rebecca Ondrey

What we primarily do when my immediate family gets together at my parent's house is basically lounge. L.O.U.N.G.E. We really take it easy. My mom and dad have a huge, green, glorious back porch and yard that we spend every waking minute in.

We eat.

We play games.

Photo credit: Rebecca Ondrey

We have long conversations around camp fires. We constantly interrupt each other. We basically eat, drink, and be merry... and I couldn't ask for anything more.

My amazing sister-in-law is becoming quite the photographer, so many of the pictures (which are noted above and below) are hers. TK, Sawyer, and I got to spend a long weekend plus a few days there, and it was a lovely start to the summer with my favorite people in the world.

Photo credit: Rebecca Ondrey

There's no place like home!


affectioknit said...

Family...Fun...and can't beat that...

Erin said...

Visiting family is the BEST! Looks like you guys really relaxed and enjoyed each other. Love that.

Amy and Andrew said...

So nice to see the fam together! And have I mentioned that I love S's long hair?

Hestermania! said...

what is that beautiful dress you're wearing (and that someone on the right is wearing in the 4-girl group shot)? it looks like it could be homemade. SO PRETTY. love it.

Sarah said...

that's my beautiful sister and i THINK that the dress is from Macy' sister-in-law (on the right) bought them...i"ll check with her!

Rebecca said...

What a fabulous weekend that was! Love your pictures Sarah. You always capture beauty from an interesting angle. Thanks for documenting it!