Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicken Stock

We've been trying to save money around here, or at least not waste what we've got. Sometimes we are successful at this and sometimes we're not. The other day after making a delicious batch of Chicken Tamale Casserole (click here for recipe), I decided it would be wise to suck it up and make some chicken stock with the left-over carcass.

Just saying the word "carcass" creeps me out, so this really was an attempt on my part to be a resourceful and frugal consumer. Here are the bones. Yuck.

While I'm not a fan of handling the innards and skeleton of my food, I did feel a sense of pride as I watched my water and bones simmer after having spent zero dollars and zero cents. It was all very frontierswoman. I'm sure there are more interesting stock recipes, but this one worked fine with just salt and pepper and was free.

After simmering for about 4 hours, the stock should be ready and you can strain it. A word to the wise....if you use an old juice container to keep the stock, remember to tell your spouse it's not "Simply Apple."


Rebecca said...

Great job! I've never made chicken stock, but yours looks delicious. Bravo pioneer woman!

Amy and Andrew said...

Ha! Did he drink it?!

Also, did you intend for your first two lines to be a little poem?

Sarah said...

ha, no the poetry was unintentional. he didn't drink it, but i imagined the scene going down, and figured i'd avert a potential disaster.

Andie said...

It's so satisfying to pull out some homemade stock from the freezer to use in a recipe. Much more satisfying than pulling off the silver tab of a Swanson broth container. And you're much nicer than me - I wouldn't mind seeing one of my teenage boys or my hubby down a few chugs of stock thinking it was apple juice. Wrong?