Monday, June 2, 2008

Off to the Market

My dear friends Caroline and Lauren are fellow partners-in-crime when it comes to quilting and crafting. We also enjoy a flea market every now and again, so we wasted no time in getting to the first of this summer's Kane County Flea Market which opened this past weekend.

We made a leisurely stop at Town House Books (St. Charles) in the morning and enjoyed some breakfast, book browsing, and conversation...a good start to any day spent with friends.

Then it was off to the market to indulge our thrifty and vintage inner selves, walking through the rows and rows of antiques, collectibles, signs, jars, dishes, quilts, records, magazines, and more. If you've never been to a flea market before, I'd recommend it. Besides the wonderful stuff you can find at a bargain, you'll see some very interesting people, lifestyles, and some straight up junk!

I was fortunate to find an old wooden ironing board for a mere $10, a perfect addition to my sewing area. The vendor let me in on what she had done to a wooden ironing board she had and suggested I "pin quotes about friendship as well as some fake ivy" in order to enhance it's decorative impact. Hmm. I think I'll pass and just keep it plain, thank you very much. In this case, and as a general rule of thumb, I'd say less is more. To each her own!


Jen said...

That is sort of a random/personal thing for her to suggest. Odd. Sounds like a super fun day, though!

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