Sunday, May 4, 2008

Big Brown to Win!

For the last few years, my friend Amy and I have taken a keen interest in horse racing, focusing mainly on certain hopefuls in their prospects for the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Hopes were dashed in recent years of course with Funny Cide's and Smarty Jones's losses at the Belmont Stakes, and who can forget the dreadful fall and subsequent demise of poor Barbaro in 2006?

Amy and I had been scheming a trip of our own to the Kentucky Derby this year, but as fate would have it the money tree we've been trying to grow still hasn't sprouted, so we opted to stay back and watch this year's race on TV. We coordinated a southern feast of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, biscuits, and green beans. We also made sure to make some lovely Mint Juleps, the official cocktail of the Derby.

TK dressed in his Derby best for the race and we had high hopes on some of our favorites (introduced to us about an hour before the race). Our 'bets' were on Big Brown (obviously), Colonel John, the lone filly Eight Belles, and our long shot Z Fortune. Big Brown became the second horse to win the Kentucky Derby from the 20 gate...amazing! Spirits were high and dreams came true as sweet Eight Belles came in second (in front of all the other boys) but the next thing we knew, she was down. Two broken ankles brought on by the race led to her being immediately euthanized on the track...a very depressing and confusing moment after we'd been so excited about the race for so long.

We'll be rooting for Big Brown to win the Triple Crown this year, even though his owner could eat a helping or two of humble pie. Despite the rather bittersweet conclusion of the Derby (a winner who was so proud, but a horse, now dead because of the race), we enjoyed our meal and have hopes of attending next year's event, big hats and all. After Eight Belles' fatal fall however, this year our Mint Juleps didn't taste so sweet.


Amy and Andrew said...

A bittersweet race indeed. Poor poor Eight Belles. She gave it all she had. But I had a great time doing the Derby!

Melissa said...

I think I need in on this action next year. Did you know that going to the Derby is on my life list? And the southern feast...and the mint juleps...and dressing the part?! AUGH! It's nearly too much to handle. You'd better believe I'd come in a great big hat.

Steven said...
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Grace a la Mode. said...

thanks for the message! that's very cool that you were once homeschooled as well. Yes, my mother is going to help me work on the dress!

Susannah said...

Conor decided to make us mint julips, too- what did you think? I thought: Disgusting. Could've been the chef, though.