Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Daring Book for Girls

In the beginning of this past summer I wrote about a great new book I had found called The Dangerous Book for Boys, and was wishing there was one of equal interest that little girls might also enjoy. Look now further because it has been published! The Daring Book for Girls brings the excitement and hands-on fun that the Boys book had, but with some added refineries and girl-focused chapters.

This is a modern day reference book for girls filled with information on so many delicious topics, I wish I had it while growing up. Its practical pages show girls how to do everything from paddling a canoe and making a toolbox to pressing flowers and playing hopscotch.

Some of my favorite chapters so far include Queens of the Ancient World, Putting Your Hair Up With a Pencil, French Terms of Endearment, Women Spies, Boys, How to Negotiate a Salary, and Books That Will Change Your Life.

Written in a similar style as the Iggulden's book, the words are nostalgic and the pictures are reminiscent of a less electronic age. The book is also intentional in its global entries and includes chapters on different languages and cultures that they encourage girls to learn more about. While it presents opportunities and ideas that girls might not have considered for themselves before, it does not go overboard in any extreme feminist agenda that would look down on or disrespect males in general. There is plenty of nail-painting, sleep-over, and beauty advice.

My only warning to those thinking of purchasing the book is that there seem to be a few more references to the occult in its pages when compared to the Dangerous Book for Boys. Like it or not, palm reading, playing Bloody Mary and Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board are things that girls just do at sleepovers. However, some parents may not want to promote these types of things as equally as they'd like to encourage other great feats of daring and adventure presented in the book.

Overall though, it is a fun read and I think it would be a great resource for any girl - or boy for that matter!


The Process said...

How do you feel about the books being separated by gender? Does it show girls how to play in the dirt too?
I saw the boy's book and was interested so thanks for writing a bit about it! : )

Sarah said...

I feel fine about it. I think there are things that a higher percentage of girls enjoy doing and things a higher percentage of boys like doing. I don't think either book would make either gender feel like the other was "better" or more fun or something.

The girl one has lots of adventurous things to do and several entries on survival skills etc. I like the chapters about spies, pirates, rulers, etc. who were women.

I think that they are fun books that could easily be treasured by lots of different types of children.