Thursday, February 15, 2007

Keep it on!

This lion may seem like he is looking away from Soldier Field in devastation, but I think he is optimistic. It's been almost 2 weeks now since the Super Bowl and he still has his helmet on, so it appears that he's not giving up hope. It seems, borrowing from Dennis Green's tirade earlier this season, that the Bears were NOT who we thought they were. We had a good run though, and I for one learned a TON about football. The next time you think fans are just sitting there every Sunday (or Saturday, or Monday, or sometimes Thursday) wasting their time instead of "doing" something, think again. It really is quite interesting and there is a great wealth of strategy, logistics, and details to be learned. I'm not up for watching three games in a row or anything, but I have come to appreciate a good game and all that is involved. A day - or an entire fall and winter for that matter - spent watching the Bears is not a wasted one.

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Jefferson said...

I am shocked that none of those hard core Bears fans have yet to comment. Perhaps still depressed over the final showing of an otherwise fine season? I was privleged to see the lions wearing da Bears helmets when I was last in Chicago. More importantly, I was enthralled by the contents of the Chicago Institute of Art in the background. Great Museum.