Friday, February 23, 2007

I Heart Quilting

If you know me even a little bit you probably know that I love to quilt. I love the fabric, I love the creativity, I love the process. I love staying up till "0 dark thirty in the morning" - to quote my Uncle Jon - with my best girlfriends working on projects and helping each other with ideas and solutions. Oddly enough, when it comes to fabric I am willing to spend what someone in a third world country would probably consider a small fortune.

Today in the US, there is a new generation of quilters (and librarians for that matter) on the rise. Young women are getting back to their roots by participating in this American pastime of creativity and friendship. While there are a lot of wonderful fabric stores, I have found one that is exceptional and caters to my every quilting whim when it comes to fabric selection, style, and ambiance. It is called Quiltology: The Urban Quilt Space, and if you are ever in Chicago I will take you there in a heartbeat. Wasting little time with tired old fabrics that leave much to be desired, they stock only the best! Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, you name the designer, Quiltology has it. And while the standard log-cabin, nine-patch, or blazing star are still in vogue, Quiltology takes it to the next level in creativity and pattern options.

My boyfriend has a dream of owning his own bike shop someday, but if I could own my own business, it would most definitely be a quilt shop. I would get a long arm quilting machine so that I could make some extra cash on the side, but those cost a pretty penny. If you are looking for a hobby, let me strongly encourage you to consider quilting. If you need someone to guide you, I can recommend a few names for you based on your location. Some of these tutors, among other creative quilting geniuses, include Caroline Bus, Lauren Carlson, Deb Lindahl, and Corky Beckstrom...just to name a few. Now get out there put together a masterpiece of your own!


linnea said...

i was just going to email you to ask for the name of that store. after seeing those pictures, i think it will definitely be a dangerous place for me! my problem is that i LOVE fabric but i've never actually made a quilt. someday!
oh and glad you have a's sometimes refreshing to read one that isn't completely about kids :)

Greta Wallgren said...

When I was growing up my mom made me and my sister’s dresses for Christmas and Easter every year until we were in high school! Well she saved every scrap of fabric (as well as other sentimental projects along the way) and she made a quilt out of the fabric for our high school graduation gift. Now we actually did not receive it until we had graduated college because it was that time consuming. Everything was hand sewn. They are amazing and I have a flood of memories every time I look at the quilt. Quilts are great. Someday I will take them up...some day.

Sarah said...

That day is TODAY, Greta! Let's go to the store.

the velez luces said...

i. have wanted. to quilt with you. FOREVER! when can we start?

i guess it would help if i had a sewing machine. or if i knew how to sew.

but still! i can watch. and cook something for you while you show me what to do with fabric.


The Lindahl News said...

I heart you for quilting, too!

You have such a wonderful eye for color, pattern and design, and I truly can see you opening up your own shop someday. I'd like to offer to be one of your merchandise buyers and travel the world in search of the most unique fabrics (especially going to warm, exotic locales in the wintertime). What are you working on right now??